International Education Joint Programs
Aohua has years of experience in running international education joint programs with universities and institutions from China and Australia that helps thousands of Chinese students with study in Australia. Aohua is seeking opportunities in exploring more cooperation in all levels of education, such as secondary education, TAFE, tertiary education etc.
Aohua currently has about 10 international education joint programs and helps more than 300 students to study in Australia each year. All the programs are in tertiary level and the universities and institutions involved include Dongbei University of Finance & economics, Nanjing Audit University, Zhongnan University of Economics & Law, Shandong University of Technology and HongKong SPACE from China and Curtin University of Technology from Australia.
Joint Programs Model:
Bachelor Program:
3 years study in China + 1 year study in Australia = two Bachelor degrees (one from China and one from Australia)
Postgraduate Program:
4 years study in China + 1 year study in Australia = one bachelor degree from China and one Postgraduate degree from Australia
Majors and Courses:
Accounting, Finance, Economics, Information System, Logistics and Supply Chain, Actuarial Science, Business Administration, Health Science, Engineering and various English language courses.